Did You See That?

As the world unravels around us and the feelings of powerlessness start to bite, I’ve taken refuge in nature and (of course) books. Poetry really does hit the spot when all else fails. And there’s nothing like major international crises to switch our focus from big to small. I can’t fix pandemics or conflicts but I can pause in my day to look up at the sky. Other things I’ve noticed: a seagull woke me up this morning with a screeching laugh; the daffodils beside the shed are still trying to come up; Hugo the kitten’s eyebrows are gorgeous.

It’s a scary world, and it was ever thus. Megalomaniac despots will always make a grab for land. Viruses will always make a grab for hosts. But we are here. And in every day there are moments of beauty. Be open to them and they’ll find you.

Here’s my Thought for the Day about my encounter with a goshawk and everything she taught me.

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