Welcome to Shedwriting. Come on in, I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Susan, living in Northern Ireland with husband, Chris. A while ago we ran off in a van to travel around Scandinavia and Western Europe for a whole year. Bliss. Now back on solid ground and excited about sharing big thoughts in this small world. I’m working as a storyteller for The Reader in the criminal justice system – it’s humbling and rewarding work.

Also excited to be working with my talented agent on a couple of book ideas. Two (count ’em) trips to the London Book Fair as a ‘hotlist author’ with lots of expressions of interest GASP! And a whole host of lovely comments from publishers that are making me blush. Watch this space…

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And breathe…we’re holding our breath far too much these days. It’s not good. Emails aren’t that scary, are they?


Are you holding your breath while reading this? I mean, I do expect regular readers to be thus entranced when a new blog arrives, but otherwise is this the case? If so, you’re not alone.  I was replying to an email recently (not a particularly tricky one I might add, though they can be in …

Now You See Me

Look at me! Everybody look at me! Or, actually, on second thoughts can you look away for a while? I don’t like it. Is it possible to succeed from under the radar?

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Watch & Listen

A Face for Radio

Since reading out some great poetry as a lockdown activity and sharing it online I keep getting requests to do more things with microphones. So here’s a collection of some poetry readings and some older blog posts in audio format too. Make yourself a cuppa, press play and take a minute or two to breathe and think. Enjoy!

As the tagline suggests I have thoughts now and again. So it seems appropriate that I can now share them with the nation now and again as a contributor on Thought for the Day with Radio Ulster.

Risky Business
What’s Your Dream?
Two Little Words
All Shall Be Well
Is That Me?

A Year of the Tree at my Bedroom Window
Wild Geese by Mary Oliver
Missing God by Dennis O’Driscoll
Multi-tasking is not fun
Nobody’s perfect.
Pressing the snooze button one more time.
Finding awe in unexpected places.
Blink and you’ll miss it.
I love jigsaws. There, I’ve said it.
Be quiet. I’m wintering.
Prickly thorns and tinsel.
How embarrassing!
Lost by David Wagoner
Books, books and more books
Old oak trees, roots, faith.
Time ticking and birthdays.
‘Now the Wolf is in the Cul-de-Sac’ by Wendy Pratt
Ted Hughes ‘Wind’