“Just say what you want and it’ll happen.” 

Since a 2020 TikTok trend (of course) involving ‘putting stuff out there into the universe’ we’ve all been talking about manifesting things to make them happen in our lives. It’s pseudo science, no doubt, but as with most trends there’s something intriguing about it. 

I’ve always believed that words have power. Saying something out loud is often cathartic or even painful – it makes things real. Hence the fear around a curse and the relief in a blessing. When words are out, they can’t be taken back. Speaking over someone bears a lot of responsibility and we all bear the burden of taking care of one another (not to mention ourselves). 

So surely there’s something in the idea? Here’s a weird one: when I finally started this blog and website in late 2020, I also joined Twitter and took ages pondering what my short bio should be. In the end I chose three words: writer, reader and chocolate-eater. Now what’s weird about that? I hear you ask. Sure everyone eats chocolate. Yes indeed. That’s not the weird part. At that point I was a secret writer and read books as a delicious past time. But fast forward mere months later and I had secured an agent for my writing and got a job with an organisation called The Reader. It was as if I had manifested those two words into my life by writing them down and sending them into the world. 

But let’s not get carried away because apparently too much of a good thing is actually bad. Who knew? Psychologists suggest a balance between self-belief and self-delusion. Manifesting can bring nasty feelings of failure and disappointment, or even judgement of others. So the science tells us to watch what we say, remain positive as much as possible and get clear on what we want. Self-fulfilling prophecies are a thing so maybe, just maybe, our hopes and plans will fall into place.