Big Things

July has happened. The shed focus on all things small took place in blazing sunshine, interspersed with the odd barbecue and lazy afternoon. Now August has arrived with a bang (I’m sheltering in the shed as thunder booms overhead and rain drips down the window). Happy Summer everyone!

So July was small but August will be BIG. I’m stepping back slightly so that I can see things from afar. Perspective is everything after all. 

These days my big thing is that I’ve started a new job (an actual job, with a salary and everything, crikey). It’s part time but, inevitably, still takes up a lot of head space and life space. I’m currently doing online training and induction with a lovely team at The Reader (have a look here – aren’t they brilliant?) where I’ll be working with young people in criminal justice settings. My Twitter bio did a fantastic job of magicking up these two roles of writer and reader. I’m now officially both. The two hats sit atop my head in jaunty fashion and are happy enough together.

I took a leap for them both: I never allowed myself to write (just a wee hobby surely?) and I never thought I could do such a challenging job. It’s a big leap into the unknown which feels both exciting and terrifying. Do something every day that scares you, apparently (okay, but can I just finish this cup of tea first?)

So Shedwriting’s big things include: a new job, a new agent, a long travel memoir manuscript going through an edit (deleting stuff is ouch), a non-fiction book proposal with a huge pile of unread research material, a big trip year out that is still my biggest thing for all sorts of reasons, big skies and trees, big fears and worries, and last but by no means least - big dreams. 

What’s your version of a big thing lately? Step back a bit and see how it looks from afar – it might not be so big after all. And if it is, you know the drill – baby steps, loving support and deep breaths.

Pic: Charlie Mackesy always helps