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Side projects, hustles, whatever term you use, it’s simply a way to connect with you all. Since Shedwriting began in 2020 I’ve noticed the seeds starting to sprout nicely – from newsletter subscriptions to clients who need some ‘shed repair’ for their business. Even a shop front for commissions – it’s all happening.

How does your garden grow? With nourishment and deep roots. Welcome to your nourishment space. Let’s work together. Have a look at the shelves and see what you need just now:


Maybe you’re happy connecting with the blog and following the journey with my forthcoming memoir and other book plans. Click here to join the shedwriting gang who receive monthly newsletters filled with some news, happy things and nice pictures. And there’ll soon be serialised stories for subscribers!


Are you a creative type who’s in a bit of a slump? Sign up for my FREE  seasonal toolkit. Winter will take you through December, January and February (don’t panic, there’s one task per month). And if you enjoy it and would like to buy me a cuppa I’d be so grateful! Click below and I’ll raise my mug in gratitude.


Is your business or charity or church a bit wobbly lately? I’ve been working in the voluntary sector for twenty years and admin is now my superpower. You might need someone to work through your strategy or paperwork and get you back on track. Drop me a line for an initial chat and we can take it from there. Read some testimonials below.


How about a personal gift? You can commission me to write a piece that’s just for you or for your loved one. All I need is a brief Q&A on what you’d like and hey presto! You’ve got a handmade gift, rolled into a scroll and signed by me. Take a look at some ideas below.