Summertime Sadness

Here’s a weird one. I’ve only recently noticed that when summer comes around I get a bit sad. I’m not sure if I’ve been like this all my life (I’ll check with Mum and report back) but it’s a thing for sure. The sun comes up early, the birds sing loudly, school’s over and the nights stretch out. All lovely and positive things. So why the dark cloud above my head?

I sought advice from the world of psychology and was delighted to find that I’m not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder has been claimed by the winter but it’s a summer phenomenon too, albeit much less common. In the summer months it could be the early morning light affecting sleep quality, more noise in the world around us (garden parties and kids playing football, you know the drill) or even a sense of guilt that everyone seems to be having a great old time in T-shirts and shorts while you’re still wearing socks and scarfs (this may be just me though).

It made me curious to see if we are somehow overly fond of the season in which we were born. I’m a winter baby with a late November birthday so maybe I’m simply unconsciously reminiscing about those first days of existence? Or maybe it’s related to our personalities. I’m an introvert so it probably makes perfect sense that when the world flings open its doors and rushes outside to make NOISE and be loud at festivals and garden parties that I’ll recoil a little and run away. I love a dark evening under twinkling lights, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, wrapping up in a big coat and splashing through puddles. But I think I love all those things because there’s seldom a crowd nearby. Rain and darkness bring peace.

Don’t worry, I’m not like a vampire who hisses if the light hits my face (not really) and occasionally can even be seen to enjoy time with others outside. So it’s not a disorder for me, exactly, it’s more a season that I now recognise as my favourite. Winter is coming.